Friday, March 09, 2007

Last weeks random sketches

These are just a combination of a few sketch book pages from last week. I want to post more finished stuff, but I get bored so fast with a painting that I constantly start new ones from random sketchbook drawings. That is the beauty of sketch books. You don't have to have anything finished. Just move on to the next.


paper-muncher said...

These rock, Dillon! I love your characterization of things...are these all from life or reference? Are you going to post your witches?

Megalaros said...

♫ Lions and cobras, ♪ Lava and toque guys. Crowns and devils , lava and scarecrows.

Swee neh neh neh ner nah ne~

All nice works. We'd better get to drawing though. Go forth and draw.

GhettoFab said...

man rice krispie treats fell outta my arm pits covered in green jello. ( not the kind with the carrots in it just the sweet kind )

totally gonna bounce these off my tramp!!!!!! you rock dillonious

Aaron said...

man it all looks great i like the chinese guy in the conor. your sketches are what impress me the most about your work. keep it flowin man!!

Grassman said...

I like how your thinking through when to leave out lines in the shadow sides where there is an articulation. So do you ever draw mail boxes in bumpers and bald front tires???

I'm going to try blogging regularly. it's

enjoy and I've linked you :)